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Stratford Connecticut is a great family vacation destination offering many things to do such as, delicious restaurants, great shopping, an exciting night life, historical museums and various attractions to stay busy in Stratford with your family and loved ones on your vacation or getaway.  There is plenty to do in this shore town known as Stratford CT. Seeing in believing





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Insightful information to help plan, explore, and experience Stratford and our coastal village.

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Known for its lovely waterfront homes and estates, bustling downtown and excellent schools, it’s easy to understand why many young families choose to settle here. Since the 1980s Stratford has attracted an increasingly affluent population including academics, professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoy the upscale atmosphere, the rural flavor and the close proximity to Providence.

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While this 18th-century home appears well-preserved, its early history appears to be lost to time, so let's take a look at local hero David Wooster. He was born in Stratford in 1711 and later studied at Yale. He graduated and later married Mary Clap, who was the daughter of the school's president and 16 years old.
Wooster's military involvement began with the War of Jenkins' Ear, which was between the Spanish and the British for control of the Caribbean. It got its name from an earlier incident where the Spanish boarded an English ship and cut off the ear of its captain, Robert Jenkins'. .
During the Revolutionary War, Wooster commanded Connecticut's militia and was named a Brigadier General. When Tryon's troops attacked the Continental Army's weapons stores in Danbury in 1777, Wooster led a surprise attack as they retreated from their rampage. The British were ready for his second charge and Wooster was gravely wounded at the Battle of Ridgefield. Mary got to see him before he died days later. His last words were said to be about his hope for American freedom. At 66, he was the oldest general in the war.
Mary's struggles continued after her husband's death. The British raided her New Haven home, destroyed her furnishings in the street and tossed her papers into the harbor. Without her records, she was unable to claim compensation from the government and was forced into a life of poverty. Only her daughter Mary outlived her. Two daughters (also named Mary) died in infancy and her son Thomas was lost at sea in 1792.
David Wooster's gravesite was forgotten, but was later found and identified by his epaulets. He is remembered with a street and a square in New Haven, a town in Ohio, and a middle school here in Stratford, recently named the state's top middle school. Mary was buried in New Haven's Grove Street cemetery and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was named in her honor.

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Duck wings with a sweet chili glaze at Sitting Duck Tavern in Oxford, CT | They are open for curbside takeout and delivery | Locations also in Stratford and Trumbull | 📷 BTV ~ sittingducktavern
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As a major fan of period drama shows, I tend to gravitate toward vintage-inspired clothing that mirror the romantic looks of that era🪞As a former high school thespian, I’ve always been interested in theater, film and literature — from film scores to costumes, I love all things timeless and appreciate the “truth” in storytelling (as the best English teacher thislanternisthemoon once taught me)— so much so, I studied Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon and London in college; So when my childhood Bestie flowersfromkenji introduced me to the #RoyalCore community, I was immediately obsessed! 😍🪞💫 To find a community that not only feeds my craving for square necklines & puff sleeves, but who also shares my passion for classical instruments, poetry and creative storytelling (with a touch of magical make believe) . . . is truly something wonderful 🥰 I’ll forever be grateful to flowersfromkenji (who’s an absolute QUEEN in the #royalcoreaesthetic, by the way) for introducing me to this delightfully whimsical community — finally, my wild imagination doesn’t feel so lonely 😌🥀💭 That said, don’t be surprised when I begin to let you in on a few of my fairytale adventures 😘
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I was just thinking the about how much time I spent rocking my babies in their nurseries. I loved those quiet moments soaking in my sweet little ones. Those days went by way too fast 😭 What a wouldn’t give to go back to those days and have a photo like this to reminder just how special those moments were!

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This is what is left of the Curtiss Aircraft Hangar at Sikorsky Airport.
Tons of history here and some big names like Igor Sikorsky, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Juan Trippe and of course, Howard Hughes.
Luckily, the Connecticut Air and Space Center is trying to restore this place.
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Another sneak peek at our store expansion. Here’s our new checkout counter. Special thanks to Matt Mack of #stratfordct based popsgarage203 for his help with the counter and his inspiration for the back wall behind it. We’re getting close to a reopening announcement. Stay tuned! And remember you can continue to order from our website and pickup curbside at the store. mellowmonkeydecor 360 Sniffens Lane in #stratfordct. ...

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Hannah Penfield was born in 1765, the fifth of Elizabeth and Samuel Penfield's nine chilren. Her parents named her after their infant daughter who had died at 3 months. Samuel was the proprietor of Fairfield's Sun Tavern, where he hosted Washington, Adams, Lafayette, and others.
At 18 Hannah married Lieutenant Gideon Hawley, a widower who was 49. Their son, Gideon, was born in July of the following year. Hannah became a widow less than two months later when Gideon died at the age of 50. She lost her son in January of 1788 when he was 3.
When she was 25 she married Ezekiel Lovejoy, 30 and the two settled in Stratford where Ezekiel was an innkeeper. Their home was built in 1790. Records indicate that the couple had nine children, but a nearby tombstone honors several Lovejoy children who died as infants. When Hannah died in 1813 at 48, five children ages 6-17 survived her. Her son Ezekiel, Jr would go on to become one of the first practitioners of homeopathic medicine in Central New York.
Seven years after Hannah died, Ezekiel married Clarissa Baldwin of Litchfield. He was 59 and she was 26. The couple went on to have five children, but lost daughter Theodora at the age of 3. Ezekiel died in 1837 at 77 and Clarissa died two years later at the age of 46.
Ezekiel's parents Susannah and Phineas are buried nearby. Susannah's tombstone includes the following inscription:
"Behold and see, you who pass by. As you are now so once was I;

As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."

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happy saturday! throwing it back to this fashion shoot with isabelle from signedmgmt. i have lots of shoots planned for next week so keep an eye out for those! but right now i’m on a little weekend trip to rehoboth beach so i’ll be off social media for a bit. hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! comment below what you’re planning to do ↓

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Samuel Southworth and Abigail Wells married in 1752. The union brought together two families whose ancestors were among New England's earliest English settlers. Samuel's great-great grandparents were John and Priscilla Alden who married after coming over on the Mayflower.
Abigail's great-great grandparents, Thomas and Alice Welles, were thought to have journeyed with Thomas Hooker to Connecticut in 1636, settling in Hartford. Thomas went on to serve as the colony's secretary, treasurer, and deputy governor. Before ascending to the governorship, he was a magistrate who presided over witch trials that led to the conviction and hanging of supposed witches decades before the hysteria in Salem.
After the Southworth wedding, construction began on their home, located on land given to them by Abigail's father on what was then known as Front Street in Stratford. Their son Samuel was born the following spring, followed by Robert in 1755. Samuel died the next year. When a third son was born in June of 1757, they named him Samuel as well, a practice not unusual at the time. Less than a month later, Samuel Sr died of smallpox, leaving Abigail a widow at 33. Her family stepped in to save the home, but Samuel's estate was insolvent. In 1764 Abigail married Edward Hawley, another Stratford native.
Abigail died at 88. Her son Samuel had seven children with his wife, Mercy Allen. One daughter was Abigail (a name shared by her grandmother, great-grandmother and great aunt). One son was named Samuel, like his father, late uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He died at sea at the age of 30. His father, Samuel Wells Southworth, died at 80 in 1837. His mother Mercy Allen Southworth died 5 years later on Christmas Eve, also at the age of 80.

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Born in 1833 Lillie Devereux Smith came of age at a time when women enjoyed few of the same rights as men. Still, from a young age she fought for equality. Unable to enroll at Yale as a woman, she took the school's courses with home tutors. While in New Haven, she said they she would right the wrongs done to women by trifling with men's hearts. .
After her first husband died and left her penniless, Blake began a writing career. She lived here with her mother while writing the novel "Southwold," saying about Stratford it was as if some "enchantress had waved her fairy wand over the lovely village and held it in a sweet spell of perpetual tranquility." Eventually Blake's interests turned back to equality for women. As president of the NY Women's Suffrage League, she helped to bring about a number of changes. Women could vote in school elections and work as census takers. A female physician had to be available at mental institutions and matrons would oversee women at police stations. She pushed for female admission to Columbia, whose first president, Samuel Johnson, was her great-grandfather. A few years later Barnard was established as a sister school for women.
In 1900 Blake sought to succeed Susan B. Anthony as head of the national suffrage group, but Anthony declined to select her. She was said to resent Blake's energy and ambition as well as her focus on the larger issue of equality for women beyond the right to vote.
Developers are now hoping to demolish the home, known as Elm Cottage, to build a 97-unit residential complex. The proposal was paused as the town's mayor and others asked if the home and its history could somehow be incorporated into the plan. Given Lillie Devereux Blake's longtime fight for justice and equality, that seems to be an appropriate step.

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When she noticed the candles we make in our garage studio was in a grocery store😍☺️
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🧢New day, new (old)town, new hat~ I forgot my hat again🤷🏼‍♀️😂so now I own my first official Stratford gear. Keep cool everyone💙🌊💦 #stratfordctsmallbusiness #hometownpride #stratfordct #stratcity #uspslife #bluetuesday #stratfordconnecticut #stayhydrated #summerlovin #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness ...

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You have to remember to treat yourself every now and then. You work hard! You deserve it! For me, it’s a trip to scratchbakingct to stock up on their incredible cinnamon scones - chocolate chip scones - and this AMAZING Peach 🍑 Mint Iced Tea. I always buy my scones in bulk, cut them in half because they are MASSIVE and freeze so I have a delicious treat to enjoy any morning. Ordering could not be easier on their website. In about 20 minutes, your selections will be waiting for you to grab and go. Why do I post so much about scratchbakingct? Because when something is this good, everyone should know about it! 84 Broad Street in Milford. Yum!!! ...

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Another great day at Wag Central’s Puppy Nursery School! #puplife #wagwithus #doggydaycare #dogwhisperer wagpants wagcentraldogtraining #stratfordct wagcentralgrooming wagaloolu ...

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After moving in two decades ago, the last owners heard from their new neighbors that their home was haunted. Word was that elderly spinster sisters who once lived here kept a ghostly presence. A visiting relative reported seeing a woman in colonial garb walk through a wall and the owner was once startled from her sleep when a heavy jewelery chest flew off a dresser and landed on the floor.

Perhaps these were spirits from the Curtis family. Edward Curtis began to build this Stratford home in 1745. His nephew, Henry Curtis, finished it and it remained in the family for almost 200 years.

The Curtis family first came to Stratford in 1639. Parents John and Elizabeth Curtis came with their sons from England around 1638. After stops in Roxbury, MA and Wethersfield, CT (where John died), Elizabeth and her sons John, Thomas, and William were among the first European families to settle here. 

The house is known to locals as the Leaning House for its backwards tilt, which some have attributed to earthquakes that hit New England in 1747 and 1813. Others have theorized that water on the land nearby may have caused the home to shift and lean or that the foundation may have shifted. In any case, it's been this way for centuries, as certain parts of the home have been built around the leaning portion.

The home sits on the corner Elm and Broad Streets, which were once known and Front Street and New Lane. The grounds include what was once the Curtis cobbler shop and a three-seat outhouse.

My stories will show interior images and a profile view that shows the slanted facade.

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just a reminder that i am booking PORTRAIT SESSIONS for MARCH! set me a dm, an email, or fill out the contact form on my website and let’s do this! 💛 ...

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There's girl power in the Wag Central doghouse today! Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. Happy International Women’s Day! ...

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Taking a moment to thank this guy, my son Peter for helping me to effectively transform (what was previously warehouse space in our fulfillment center) into the NEW Holiday Room. This was by far the most ambitious project for the store. We think you’re going to like it. A big shout out to other family members, Ann Marie and Amanda for hanging what seems like a MILLION ornaments. There are a LOT. And it all came together with the help of family. The NEW Holiday Room grand opening is this Thursday 11/14 at 10am and we’ll be having a complimentary Prosecco reception to celebrate from 5-8pm and you’re invited! mellowmonkeydecor 360 Sniffens Lane in #Stratfordct. Open daily ...

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Thanks to stratfordladiesct - a tremendous resource for #stratfordct. Make sure you follow to be in the know. #repost stratfordladiesct
“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines...”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Doing a side by side of these two tworoadsbrewing areatwobrewing beers! Cherry Quad is an Abbey-style quad ale brewed with cherries and the areatwobrewing version is that beer aged in bourbon barrels. I love that some Area Two beers are Two Roads beers with a different spin on it and it’s a lot of fun to have them next to each other!
📸 Sony A7iii
Zeiss 55mm f/1.8
f/2.2 - 1/160th - ISO 200

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